Life Tools

Below is a listing of several of the tools that have helped me to realize success.    Most are free and if they’re not free they will typically pay for themselves.  Feel free to ask if you have any questions about any. Disclosure:  I have affiliate partnerships with many of these products and services and may earn a commission from signups at no cost to the user. Domain names for just 88 cents!


is a fantastic FREE tool that is useful for budgeting.    Great for record keeping and keeping tabs on your spending across multiple accounts in one convenient space.   A nice phone app too.

Personal Capital

is great for investment asset tracking.  Their fee analyzer and is great for examining portfolios for high expense ratios.   Great investment insights nice graphing capabilities to see how your portfolio is doing versus the S&P 500.   They also offer investment management at a reasonable price.


My favorite Robo advisor to manage your investments.   Especially helpful if you make frequent deposits so each deposit is allocated correctly without having to do any math.

M1 Finance

Similar to a Robo advisor but you can create your own specific pies and choose your own investments.   No fees which is a huge reason to use it.


is a tool that allows you to plug in various numbers and see likely outcomes for retirement.

Social Security Estimation Tool

Estimate social security retirement benefits at their website.   Not a bad tool.

Traveling Mailbox

A cool open and scan mail service so you can get your snail mail even when traveling.    


Acuity Scheduling

is a powerful tool to allow you to schedule appointments with others without endless back and forth.   A life saver when dealing with appointments across multiple time zones.  I use it to schedule teaching and consulting appointments globally.


Hosting provides great fast SSD hosted web servers to house your next web-based project.   This site runs on Siteground.


should be your go-to for Domain Name registration when you want to get your web address.  Web hosts may give you your first name free, but I pick up additional domains here.  A great clean site with great prices for domain names.


is a website that is backed by Google that provides a way for landlords to collect rent from tenants at no cost.  There are also other services they provide at a cost to do background checks or rent surveys.