Thinking of Ditching Your Gillette Razor?

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Recently Gillette put out a controversial ad highlighting bad behavior that some men engage in. They are launching a campaign they are calling “The Best Men Can Be” and some men are rather furious. They are furious because they feel this ad is stereotyping men based on the behavior of some bad offenders and that the message doesn’t need to apply to everyone. Others are defending the message saying it is just promoting better behavior which is a good thing for all. So who’s right? Watch the ad for yourself and decide.

Personally, trying to be objective, I can understand why people might be offended that a company like Gillette has chosen to single out a demographic (who happens to be their customer base), then call out bad behavior that some in that demographic have committed. Shaking your finger at the entire demographic saying you can do better is insulting.

It’s not just the much despised “men’s right’s groups” that are offended at Gillette’s ad, but other companies are saying we shouldn’t attack men in this way but rather celebrate the accomplishments of man.

A Redditor created a parody ad of Gillette doing the same thing highlighting bad behavior of some women and then advising them to try harder. It seems easier to see why this is offensive but why? Has it become ok to attack men as a whole based on gender stereotypes?

Reddit User “reeeren” made this parody of the Gillette ad to demonstrate why it’s offensive to many men.

Some have gone so far as to say they are going to boycott Gillette as a response of the way they are choosing to portray men as inherently flawed. I guess this is a moral decision to make about whether this ad was offensive or not. It’s a moral choice I won’t have to make because I was never a fan of buying overpriced plastic razors in the first place. I’ve always just shaved with a double-edged safety razor like the one below.

The blades can be had for a fantastic price compared to cartridges. You can find Astra’s on Amazon. I imagine these companies are enjoying a boon with a Gillette boycott.

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