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The Easiest Quick $20 You Can Possibly Make.

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This is simply too easy to pass up.    If you sign up for Personal Capital FREE service and link an investment account, you get a $20 Amazon gift card the next day.  That’s it.

There’s more to say but it’s almost not even necessary.   Personal Capital is a nice free service I’ve used for a few years.   It analyzes your savings and investments and keeps an eye on things to tell you if you’re paying too much in fees.   It also looks at your asset allocation to tell you if you should adjust to buy more stocks or bonds.   But the important thing is ..did I mention … this service is FREE?

How do they earn money?  Well the do offer paid services.  Personal Capital will manage your investments for you for a small percentage (less then 1%) of your assets.  Whether you are interested in using this service or not you can still use the free investment tracker.

If you’ve got a 401k from one old company and a new one at your current job and maybe an old savings account somewhere, why not get a big picture view of all your savings.

So if you sign up now for this free service you and I will both make $20.  It takes about 5 minutes.  Why not?  Sign up here.

Disclaimers:  I’m an affiliate of Personal Capital so if you sign up I’ll get a $20 Amazon Gift certificate.  You’ll get one too!  (How nice of them!)   If you sign up, you’re likely to receive a call from Personal Capital to discuss their paid services but there is no obligation to sign up.



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