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You’re here because a marketing technique I tried persuaded you clicking on some link was worth your time. I  hope it didn’t feel like click-bait. Or you might be here because my SEO is starting to get a little transaction. So just why do people create sites like this?

Site’s owners create content that aims to provide value to you; the valuable reader and hopeful subscriber   Then site owners monetize it in some way to be compensated for their efforts creating content.   This is getting a bit meta but hey I want to be transparent.

Site’s owners create content that provides value to you- the coveted valuable reader and hopefully subscriber.   Then site owners attempt to monetize it.

The intention is that you, my reader, will come to understand WHY I (or any other) content creator would put so much effort into bringing you info and thus motivate you to possibly do the same if suits you.   Why?  Well, maybe you want some side income or maybe you’re just a techy or a moneyphile that enjoys playing around with tech and tools.

Those that know me would probably say I’m a bit obsessive about a few topics.   I might be a bit OCD about a few things one of them being optimizing finance and investing.  An obsession about money isn’t really driven by some Rainmanesue desire to see and analyze numbers, but ultimately about optimizing life through the use of money and other tools to give you options that aim to improve life.  That’s the main theme of this site.

The status quo of grinding out the 9 to 5 for 40 years isn’t working too well from a quality of life perspective for many of us so we’ll need to think different.  But how?  That’s where I’m working to bring ideas to the table.


Ok, so what’s this site about? What does the reader get?


  • Budgeting ideas to squeeze more out of your existing finances
  • Investing optimization strategies
  • Cost cutting and life improvement by leveraging Geo Arbitratge
  • Freelancing and E-commerce income to create location independence
  • Travel experiences and life tips
  • Reviews about useful services from a real person


But Why This Site?

Q: Some of this stuff is straight out of the school of Tim Ferris’s “The Four Hour Work Week”.  Some of it sounds like regurgitated ideas from Choose FI.   Aren’t there other sites that already provide this?

A: Yes.  Absolutely. There is other great content out there, and I’d highly recommend some other sites. Some of this is going to be a bit derivative.   No sense in re-inventing the wheel.  But that being said, I’m not going to copy.  I’m going to summarize some of the best ideas I’ve come across and I’m going to share my own new ideas.

It’s important to understand that no one site, or author, or source has a monopoly on all the good ideas out there.  To some extent, we’re all curators of what we deem to be good.   My ADD riddled brain just might bring you the right mix of info to motivate you to improve your life.

I’ve been down the road less traveled. I’m a landlord and an entrepreneur. I’ve traveled the world and have found that sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

Try and find out.  Subscribe and you’ll get a free PDF with info on making side income if you subscribe.  Nothing to lose except the 2 minutes to unsubscribe if you ever decide this content doesn’t do it for you.  If you don’t like anything about the content or have a request for an idea to explore feel free to contact me.  I’m open to suggestions as I’m relatively new to this.

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