Is Scheduling Software for You?

If you’re taking on freelancing or side gig work outside of your regular 9 to 5,  you may soon find that scheduling software is the solution to a problem you’re facing.  Why?   Well if you’ve ever tried to schedule appointments with leads from the public through the phone or email, you know how it goes typically.  …

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Earnings from Three Months of Blogging

Tell anyone you’ve started a blog and you’ll inevitably get the question about how much money you’re making blogging.    It’s pretty straightforward to answer how much money I made THIS MONTH.  But it’s not easy to determine how much money you CAN make from blogging or how much you’re likely to earn in the …

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How to Sign up for Siteground Web Hosting

A step by step process. It’s not too hard to make money with a blog, and I was able to make the money back that I paid for blog hosting in the first three months of starting my site. It’s worth it to pay for quality hosting and I believe you will be able to make …

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Why You Should Have 5 Websites or More

The past year I’ve done a lot of experimentation with WordPress and making sites and it’s pretty fun and cheaper than I thought.  The beauty of blogging or building a website is once you understand the basics and have hosting space, setting up a new blog is as easy as securing a domain name (typically …

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