Blogging is a way to get your thoughts out as well as earn some income. If your blog does well, you can start to earn income from affiliate marketing. Many bloggers are earning thousands of dollars a month blogging.  But it takes dedication and time to get there. I started in April and have made a few hundred in less than six months.

So how do you get started?  Well, the best first step would be to think of a domain that is available and buy it for your own. You can do so for around $8 to $10 typically. A great place to buy and register your domain is a company called Namecheap. Namecheap will provide you with the tools to see if the domain name you want is available and then you can purchase the domain for your own.  I purchased the domain “” in order to run this site.

STEP 1.   BUY YOUR DOMAIN at a company like NAMECHEAP.

So after step one you’ve spent around $8 to $10 and secured ownership of your own web address on the internet.  What’s next?   The next step is to get hosting.  Your website or blog needs a place to live. And it’s going to live on a hosting server.

Step 2.  Choose your web host. SITEGROUND ROCKS.

After you own your domain, you’ll next need to choose a web host. I highly recommend Siteground which is the host of this blog is running on. The reason I recommend it is that they are reliable and run fast and come at a good fair price. You can sign up for one year of hosting service for unlimited websites for around $70. Sign up for Siteground here.

For detailed instructions on setting up hosting click the guide below.

I’ve got an affiliate relationship with the services listed on this page and may receive a commission for signups generated from a click from this page. I only promote services I actually use and believe in.