An $80 International Trip to Vancouver

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An $80 Mini Vacation to China Ultra Lite

Vancouver is an impressive city with some of the friendliest people I’ve met.    There’s a lot of of Chinese influence in many parts of Vancouver and it reminded me of something a coworker said to me when I was in Taiwan.   He referred to Taiwan as being “Asia Lite”    I feel like Vancouver might be considered Asia or more specifically China Ultra Lite.

Bubble Tea in Vancouver
Sharetea bubble tea. This is Taiwanese right?


It’s an understatement to say China has a strong presence in Vancouver.  There were a few times walking around I almost forgot I was in Canada thinking I was in Asia.  If you’ve ever been interested in traveling to China from the U.S. but can’t bear the thought of the flight that is typically going to be at minimum 12 hours, a trip to Vancouver would give you a bit of a sense of what the Chinese speaking portion of East Asia is like.   I saw many business that were Taiwan that have made their way West to Canada.  Hot pot restaurants and bubble tea shops are in abundance.  I had Xaio Long bao that wasn’t bad.

West Canna Vancouver
A nice little dispensary run by friendly peeps




In a drastic departure from Asian culture though, Canada has lax laws on Cannabis.   Here’s a popular medicinal marijuana shop in Vancouver.   I visited and chatted with the attendants who were incredibly friendly in a genuine way.  Perhaps one of the best strains was the reason for their gregarious way but they didn’t seem high to me.


So how did I get a trip to Vancouver for only $80?  Well the $80 is referring to the cost of the Airbnb I stayed at.   The flight was free because this was a 16 hour layover on the way to Taiwan.  I’ve always wanted to check out Vancouver and now I did it for the cost of one night in a hotel.



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