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“Go Catch Life” is a phrase that my girlfriend mentioned for a blog name. English isn’t her first language so don’t judge. I thought the idea resonated a truth that far too many of us are letting our lives slip away in an office. If you can relate to the feeling, read on for strategies to correct course.

Time is a finite asset we all possess. But the unfortunate truth is that the clock is ticking on how much is left for us. Our culture celebrates a steadfast dedication to the daily grind, but at the cost of our valuable time. I intend for this site to help recapture the hours of our lives and make the most of them.

About Site Creator:

Mask on when the air gets a bit rough

I’m an early 40’s guy that has had a life of traveling abroad, entrepreneurial ventures, and corporate grinding. The former being a bit more fulfilling than the latter. Recent years have found me working as an analyst in the corporate world until I decided to wrap it up and head back to Asia to live abroad. I’m a huge fan of M1 Finance for no fee robo advising. Sign up with my affiliate link to get a $10 credit.

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I love hearing from readers. If you have any questions or wish to inquire about a guest post, you can send an email to admin (@) gocatchlife.com. Or you can send an email through the form below.