“Go Catch Life” is a funny phrase that my girlfriend uttered for a potential name for a website.   English isn’t her is her first language so don’t judge.   For me the idea resonated a truth that far too many of us are letting our life get away from us.   If you feel that life is getting away from you, this site will put forward some ideas to try to get your life back or “catch” it.

Time is a finite asset we all possess but an unfortunate truth is that the clock is ticking on how much is left.  Our culture celebrates a staunch dedication to the daily grind but at the cost of our own personal time.  It’s my hope that this site will serve as a reminder to keep our eyes open to this fact and take the steps needed to recapture the hours of our lives and make the most of them.

From a slightly less fluffy perspective, GCL is yet another personal finance blog started by a middle-aged guy that’s had enough of corporate life and has ambitions set on using money as a tool to take control of life.   I’ve had a taste of freedom and living abroad and after a few years being back at the 9 to 5,  I’m determined to not let life get away anymore and I’m happy to share ideas on helping you do the same.

About Site Creator:

 I’m an early 40’s guy that has had a fairly interesting life that has been a mix of traveling abroad, wanderlust for a few years, various entrepreneurial ventures, and corporate life.   The former being a bit more fulfilling than the latter.  Recent years have found me grinding it out in the corporate world for global Fortune 500’s, fitting in travel when I can and side project work.

It’s almost a smile.


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