A Quick Review of Vanguard’s New Interface Redesign

If you’re a user of Vanguard, you’ve probably noticed that their interface leaves a little bit to be desired.   But apparently, they have listened to their customer base and are making improvements to modernize.  The new interface is more bubbly and modern looking.   For any holding you have now, at the far right there is now a “transact” button.

Vanguard Interface
Vanguard now has a “transact” button at the far right


When you click this, you’ll be presented with two options to “buy” or “sell”.


Buy or Sell
Your Options presented clearly


The new interface is more “bubbly” with more space.   Other than these changes, at this point the rest of the transaction process seems to remain the same.   Other changes might be coming soon.  Feel free to comment if you have an opinion on the changes.

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