The Best Two Weeks of Your Life

Modern life often has us on a treadmill that can make enjoying life a challenge.  Our time typically falls into two categories throughout our career.  Gross oversimplification, but I’m talking about time employed and time unemployed.   But there is a third category that arises once every few years for many people. Time while Employed “Time employed” …

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M1 Finance compared to alternative robo-advisors

Is M1 Finance a Betterment Killer?

Signs are pointing to “YES”. There’s s quite a few brokers in the “Robo-Advisor” market these days.  Wealthfront and Betterment were among the first.   Vanguard has an offering.  Fidelity and Schwab do as well.    I’ve even read recently that E*Trade has jumped on the bandwagon.   I have experience with Wealthfront and Betterment and I …

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50% of Workforce Remote? We’re Gonna Need Bigger Starbucks.

So Market Insiders is reporting that apparently some projections indicate that 50% of the US Workforce will be remote by 2020.   I’m not sure I believe this but it definitely an idea that provokes some thoughts.  What are the repercussions?   Let’s speculate a bit. If we give 50% of the workforce location independence, I’m going to …

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Travel and Explore

The Benefits of Moving Abroad

Today’s guest post comes from Candace Fykes.-Rob   We all have that Uncle. You know the one. The one who after his third beer after Thanksgiving dinner declares that “There ain’t no better place to live than right here in the U.S. of A.” He always seems to say this within earshot of your quiet …

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Getting Pickpocketed by your Employer’s Retirement Plan?

After leaving a previous employer, it’s going to be tempting to just kick back and relax for a while. The 9 to 5 weighs on your soul and after a termination your brain probably needs to unwind. It’s healthy to unwind a bit. But after a week or two of relaxation, travel, Netflix binging, or …

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