Be Greedy with your Time.

Within the FIRE community I’ve come across the idea of “one more year syndrome.”    The idea can be summed up as a hesitance to accept your release date from the cubicle sentence.   The justification being that “one more year” will typically result in significant wealth increase.   If you’re reached a savings number where you’re considering FIREing, you’ve likely hit an attractive bend point in the exponential curve of asset growth.  As I approach the deadline to ditch the W2, I find myself being compelled by the idea of an additional years of income and savings.

Earlier today I was discussing the idea with a friend and as is often the case, with blunt honesty I fessed up.  I guess I’m just greedy.   But immediately upon saying this I realized the counterpoint.   I’m being greedy with regards to acquiring money  but continuing to let my time slip away.    The money can be replaced at least in theory, but the time can’t.   I realized, I need to shift my thinking and perhaps be a bit greedy about taking back my time.

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