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Fixing Your Spending Addiction

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Obligatory, I’m not a licensed therapist – go see a doctor if you have issues disclaimer. I believe that more people deal with addiction than one might suspect.  When I speak of addicts I don’t just mean hard drugs or the usual suspects like alcohol or gambling.   I believe addiction surrounds us with a variety of less obvious culprits.   Sugar, video […]

Budget Tips

Mint vs Personal Capital: Why you actually want BOTH.

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Budget App

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate of Personal Capital so I may receive a commission if you sign up and link an investment accounts over a certain amount.   You may receive a call from Personal Capital soliciting you to try their paid services but you’re not required to sign up. If you’ve followed many money management sites and investing sites you’ve probably […]

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The Easiest Quick $20 You Can Possibly Make.

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Piggy Bank

This is simply too easy to pass up.    If you sign up for Personal Capital FREE service and link an investment account, you get a $20 Amazon gift card the next day.  That’s it. There’s more to say but it’s almost not even necessary.   Personal Capital is a nice free service I’ve used for a few years.   It analyzes […]

Blogging Tips

Earnings from Three Months of Blogging

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Growing Money

Tell anyone you’ve started a blog and you’ll inevitably get the question about how much money you’re making blogging.    It’s pretty straightforward to answer how much money I made THIS MONTH.  But it’s not at all easy to answer how much money you CAN make from blogging or how much you’re likely to earn in the future.   It’s largely […]

Living Abroad

The Vietnam Visa Process

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Hanoi Vietname cafe

Vietnam is a great place to visit in Southeast Asia.   If you’re looking to try freelance remotely and keep your expenses under control, you’ll find Vietnam a very affordable place to stay for a good while.  Delicious and healthy pho is plentiful from a variety of street vendors at prices that are delightful.  Vietnam is also known for a special […]

Freelance Ideas

How to Become a Freelancer

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Today’s guest post comes from Candace Fykes.-Rob Freelancer. A job description that once held a single definition with two distinct connotations—unemployed. In the olden days, it was thought that freelancers were either so highly in demand that they had a high level of agency over when and where they chose to work. Or, that they under the constant threat of […]

Travel Tips

An $80 International Trip to Vancouver

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An $80 Mini Vacation to China Ultra Lite Vancouver is an impressive city with some of the friendliest people I’ve met.    There’s a lot of of Chinese influence in many parts of Vancouver and it reminded me of something a coworker said to me when I was in Taiwan.   He referred to Taiwan as being “Asia Lite”    I […]


The Best Two Weeks of Your Life

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Modern life often has us on a treadmill that can make enjoying life a challenge.  Our time typically falls into two categories throughout our career.  Gross oversimplification, but I’m talking about time employed and time unemployed.   But there is a third category that arises once every few years for many people. Time while Employed “Time employed” is the default state of […]


Is M1 Finance a Betterment Killer?

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M1 Finance compared to alternative robo-advisors

Signs are pointing to “YES”. There’s s quite a few brokers in the “Robo-Advisor” market these days.  Wealthfront and Betterment were among the first.   Vanguard has an offering.  Fidelity and Schwab do as well.    I’ve even read recently that E*Trade has jumped on the bandwagon.   I have experience with Wealthfront and Betterment and I don’t really have any complaints. […]