Thinking of Ditching Your Gillette Razor?


Recently Gillette put out a controversial ad highlighting bad behavior that some men engage in. They are launching a campaign they are calling “The Best Men Can Be” and some men are rather furious. They are furious because they feel this ad is stereotyping men based on the behavior of some bad offenders and that …

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Stock Market “Experts” are Full of It.

Any time there are big market moves in the stock market, the talking heads come out and always confidently proclaim things as if they have a crystal ball. The recent stock market dip that happened on December 24th, 2018 brought them out as usual. “This isn’t the bottom. There’s another 10 to 15 percent left …

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Thinking of creating a website? Here’s a $100 Credit.

Ok, fair warning.  Digital Ocean is not exactly for the non-tech-savy.   But, if you’re not afraid of using the terminal a bit and want to try a very cost efficient host where you can “spin up” a virtual host and then dispose of it if needed, Digital Ocean has amazing service. If you sign up …

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Traveling? Take Your Mailbox With You

Post Office Box

I’m about to wrap up contract work with my current employer next week.  Afterward, I’m planning to head overseas for some slow travel in Asia.  When you plan to leave your country for a few months, there are some details that you want to be careful not to neglect.   One is what happens to any …

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10 Ways to Stay Debt-Free this Christmas Without Ruining the Fun

Today’s guest post comes from a reader and now contributor Patrica Sanders.  Patricia is a financial content writer. She has been praised for her effective financial tips that can be followed easily in her blog, “Your Cardinal Point”.  Her passion for helping people who are stuck in financial problems has earned her recognition and honor …

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A Quick Review of Vanguard’s New Interface Redesign

Vanguard Interface

If you’re a user of Vanguard, you’ve probably noticed that their interface leaves a little bit to be desired.   But apparently, they have listened to their customer base and are making improvements to modernize.  The new interface is more bubbly and modern looking.   For any holding you have now, at the far right there is …

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Automating Investing With a Smart Deposit

One of the newer technologies I’ve come across is the smart deposit feature that some brokers have implemented which I’ve seen referred to as “smart deposit”.   So what is “smart deposit” and how does it work? From a technical perspective, it’s a script that runs a couple times a week or so and looks at …

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Is Scheduling Software for You?

If you’re taking on freelancing or side gig work outside of your regular 9 to 5,  you may soon find that scheduling software is the solution to a problem you’re facing.  Why?   Well if you’ve ever tried to schedule appointments with leads from the public through the phone or email, you know how it goes typically.  …

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Suze Orman Trumped Us All

Wikimedia Commons File:Suze Orman Time 100 Shankbone.jpg

Paula Pant’s Afford Anything podcast recently featured nationally-known personal finance guru, Suze Orman. (Paula conducted the interview very professionally!)  Suze seemed to show some serious HATE for the FIRE movement or the idea that you can retire early after achieving financial independence.  Ostensibly, Suze thinks we’re all making a huge mistake trying to achieve financial independence …

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